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The New Moya...

Well after searching around a bit, I settled on a new configuration for Moya. The parts have been ordered and with a little luck they should arrive in time to be assembled this weekend....

The new parts are:

  • Gigabyte GA-7DX+ motherboard (on-board sound)
  • AMD Athlon XP 1900+ (1.6Ghz)
  • 512 Mb PC2100 DDR RAM

which gets added to Moya's original

  • 64Mb Diamond graphics card
  • Video capture and TV-tuner card
  • 80Gb Maxtor H/D
  • basic 3-Com network adaptor
  • 16x CR-RW
  • true 74X CD-Rom

I think that'll make for a very respectable computer. The cool thing being that I resisted the urge to go overboard with a dual processor system, and I'm postponing the purchase of a 100+ Gb hard drive and a 24X burn proof CD-RW for a few weeks until I get most of the machines sorted out. I also decided to bite the bullet and order a 1.7Gb hard drive (for all of $20.00) for sado in order to replace it's dying one and hopefully get another 8 or so years of use out of a P60 :).... I also picked up some random computer bits that I'd bee meaning to buy...

Plans for the future:

  • Move Moya's old PIII CPU and M/b into a small case (possibly salvaged from one of the Packard Hells) and put in the Soundblaster soundcard that used to be on Moya. That has the full surround sound options and a I/R remote sensor and control which mounts into a 5 1/4" drive bay. Move that into position in the living room and pipe it's output to the big TV and main stereo. Put in the 100+ Gb hard drive and use that as the house's dedicated MP3 server. Oh, and paint it purple or something...
  • big maybe: use the other Tyan motherboard and PIII CPU (bought in the hopes of figuring out why Moya was being so flaky) to put together the Linux/X-Mame arcade machine... probably a random summer project once we're in heavy construction mode and there is lots of plywood and assorted building stuff lying around.
  • Convert office machines to Linux, StarOffice 6.0
  • get a life... :-p=

Ok, I'm done geeking for now :)


what form factor is the old mobo? I have an AT mini/mid tower (3x5.25-E, 2x3.5-E, 1x3.5-E) w/ a 250WPS and a Darrin Carter "Assho!" sticker on the side...:oP

what did you do w/ the Sony 10xcdrw? how much would you be willing to part with it for?
The old mobo is an ATX so I'm not sure how well it'll fit. I was also hoping to use a horizontal (i.e. "desktop") case so that it would more or less blend in with the other components on the electronics shelf when it's painted non-beige. However, a small tower might fit all right since I do have to columns of stuff and the tower would leave me space to stack tapes and CDs next to. If you want to get rid of it I'd consider buying it from you (I've been considering moving one of the older machines from the nice cases into something more generic and re-using a nice case for a newer machine)

I mistyped. I meant to say that I will still have the 10X in the new Moya, but I'll probably be replacing it with a 24X plextor in the next month or so. I was considering dropping the 10X into my dad's computer and yanking the Maxell 2x one that it has (and hopefully get him and my mom into burning CDs finally).

If I don't end up doing that I'd consider selling it, but I think you might be better off looking for a CD-RW online. I know I came across the same Sony 10X unit, brand new for $40.00 on one site and some of the smaller-name 16X and higher burnproof units (the Sony I have is not burnproof and will ocassionally make nice coasters) are starting at $60.00 brand new (the Plextor I was thinking about picking up runs $115.00). Personally I would probably go with a faster/better unit or at worst the same one with the full mfctr warranty (which has probably expired on mine).


There are some really nice ide 40x12x40x Plextors for as little as $160...

i inquired 'bout the sony b/c my friend's friend is having a machine slap together and she wanted a cdrw, but she got a tdk 24x i think....

btw, they have nice (and inexpensive) cases at PCTechnologies...most of their stuff is cheaper elsewhere online, but when you consider you can conceivably have it "now" it evens out and saves time hehe..
btw..I found the java cdcase...it was in the computer case LOL! Since I keep one side panel off, it'd fallen in there...damn lucky it didnt' damage anything...
So much for being a neat freak :-p