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killing time...

I am:

Bored and jittery.

Pacing the office aimlessly.

Checking my email every 5 minutes.

Extremely busy waiting for other people to do stuff.

Almost certainly losing my mind.

Wanting to go play outside.

It's a very nice spring day. It's warm, but not too hot. Maybe I'll disappear for the afternoon (assuming nothing needs to be done). I don't want to sit in the office all day checking my email :)


ugh. I can relate. I went out for a walk to get lunch and I so so so didn't want to come back inside.
Well I was all set to relax for the afternoon, but some random work stuff came up and I had to deal with it.

Oh well, I'm thinking that this long weekend is an ideal time to do some serious relaxing. Believe it or not it wasn't utnil today that I realized that I too had a long weekend (it seems like I never get the same holidays that most folks do so I end up assuming that I have to work when people have days off :).