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From the file marked duh...

Hmmm... I need to confer less with the parental units about work stuff.

It was one of those mornings where I had to call them up and inform them that:

"the lock to this isn't working right" and "we need the keys to that"

and they responded with

"jiggle the key in the lock" and "check in the key drawer"

which prompted the

"I already did that"

response to both. What I really wanted to say though was:

"Hi, I'm not completely helpless, the reason that I'm asking you is because I'd already tried the obvious stuff and I was hoping you might have some interesting solution that hadn't occurred to me, once I have told you that I tried solution A), please refrain from harping on it as if I didn't hear you the first time. You said try A) I said I've tried it, if you don't have a suggestion B) then please say so, but don't keep insisting that A) will work, it didn't"

*sigh* well at least this whole thing was about as painful as I had expected and I survived relatively well which means that I have a higher pain tolerance than I anticipated. Oh joy. That's certainly something I wanted to find out about. Let's see just how much aggravation and grief I can put up with before I rip someone's head off....

Somehow I suspect that this will be torment the Victor week.... (hours of fun for the entire family).

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