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Life's Little Mysteries # 156

A.R.T. - Annoying Restroom Timing...

Ok, so this is just too weird. I've been sitting here, alone, in the office for the last 3 or so hours waiting for my mom's Bronco to be brought back from getting it's inspection sticker renewed (this is annoying me a little) and in that time the phone didn't ring once. A little over a minute after I had walked into the restroom, the phone rings. WTF?

This happens all the time. As long as there are other people in the office, the phone will never ring while I'm in the restroom, however, if I have the office to myself the phone will always ring at least once while I am *ahem* occupied. It's not like I'm talking about sitting in the loo reading the newspaper for 30 minutes either. I'm talking about a 2-4 minute block of time when I really would prefer to not have to answer the phone and yet that will always be when people decide to call. Better yet, those are invariably the people who will let the phone ring 20 times (so you can't as easily ignore the call).

I am convinced that either the powers that be have an annoying sense of humor, or the phone on my desk is watching my every move....;)

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