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UPS can kiss my ass...

As expected, UPS did not deliver Moya's new bits today. I called them up to complain about this and I got a fairly lame apology. I don't care if they're sorry, I just care that they seem to have issues delivering on Friday afternoons or on days after holidays. Without fail, if something was supposed to get here Friday afternoon, the tracking thing will show that it's out for delivery, but it won't actually make it out here because the driver probably didn't want to work the extra hour to deliver out all this way. What makes it really annoying is that the next week, it still won't get here until late Monday afternoon (like 6pm or so). Today, they blamed the big "Easter Rush" (huh?).

I was particularly miffed since their reason for not delivering one of the packages was:RECEIVER ON HOLIDAY;PKG DELIV NEXT BUSINESS DAY

I don't think so! I would know if we were on holiday and believe me, today was not a holiday. The excuse was that they had just put down random reasons for not delivering packages this evening. I was really tempted to chew out the dipshit who called to apologize. I've been dealing with UPS stupidity long enough to know that they have a specific reason that goes something like "Unable to deliver, rescheduled for...." See, that one doesn't annoy me as much because it's fairly neutral. They couldn't deliver it, they rescheduled, ok, fine. I'm not happy with that, but hey I deal with running a business, I know how that stuff goes. But I also know that they're doing this a little bit to regularly for me to believe that they had any intention of delivering stuff on time.

Eh, anyways, I'm hoping that my little call to complain will be noted and maybe they'll make a little more effort to deliver my packages on time (and hopefully intact). We'll see though.