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An update....

Well my dad is out of the hospital tonight. He seems to be doing a lot better so that's good. In fact, he's doing so much better that he's already started criticizing my way of dealing with some stuff. No big deal, he's just exerting control over his company. Still though mildly annoying in an "at least things are back to normal" kind of way. To put this whole doctor thing into perspective, I talked to him over dinner and he mentioned that he really felt like he was dying on Saturday. That's what it took to get him to go see a doctor, the feeling of imminent death. I think it's safe to say that he's a wee bit stubborn.


So the parental units are back at home and they'll be around for work stuff to some extent. It's a bit of a relief to know that I don't have to handle everything right now, but the last couple of days made it clear that I have to organize things so that I (or anyone else for that matter) can better run things in the future (although I will hope that the next time I have the business all to myself will be because my folks are on vacation, not inches from death).

UPS was lame and didn't deliver Moya's vital bits. I feel a complaint letter coming on. It's amazing how much you can accomplish if you put down complaints in writing (without sounding like a raving lunatic). We'll see, maybe I'll get the parts tomorrow. I went ahead and started putting the new Moya together though, nothing too exciting yet, but maybe I'll post some pics of her if I get around to modding the case a bit.

Oh, I did find a wicked cool set of cast iron cooking stuff at Sam's this afternoon. It came with a couple of skillets, a dutch oven, and a griddle... all for $34.00... of course the deciding factor was that all these goodies came in a really nifty wooden box which will probably end up being used for something other than storing heavy metal pans and such. I've turned into such a cooking geek.

And that's that... well sort of....



Thanks man....

Unfortunately I can't really take care of him because... well, he's a grown-up and he's horribly stubborn about some things. We've had this same arguement with him before (about taking care of himself and making the effort to stay healthy etc...) and he refuses to budge on it...

I just had to deal with a bit of that with him right now and I'm not feeling terribly optimistic about how he'll manage his stuff. I don't know if he just doesn't believe the doctors, or if he's that certain that he knows what's best... I don't understand what logic he's using to make his decisions and that's starting to bother me...

Re: Ugh...

I suspect it's a combination of culture and generation. One of the more annoying aspect of our heritage.

We used to bug my dad about it a lot, but I've given up bitching at him because it's just not worth it. To a point if he feels that he's being attacked he will never back down on general principle. He had told me, a while ago, that if he felt that it was an emergency then he would go to the doctor and he did do that (so I'll give him credit for that), but I don't know how patient I'm willing to be if he continues to refuse to follow the doctor's orders.

Stuff like this makes it very tempting to just pack my bags and head out to some other place again. If my folks won't at least try to take care of themselves consistently then I kind of don't want to see them suffering through their own stupidity (for lack of a better term). I feel like such an evil son for saying that, but I mean it's tough to see people you love suffering and knowing that they could do stuff to make things easier on themselves if they just weren't so stubborn.


cooking geek?

Geez glad to hear you're finally becoming a cooking geek. I guess that's what happens when you don't have to share a kitchen with an entire entry. That and no suities to cook for you.

We'll have to compare knives sometime.

Re: cooking geek?

Actually I was getting to be a cooking geek once I was banished to Tang my last year. It's just a lot easier to be a cooking geek if you aren't moving around every 4-6 months. I was just realizing that I've been in my current house just over 2 years now (and yet sometimes it still feels like I just moved in)


Re: cooking geek?

Yeah, moving wreaks havoc on cooking-geekitude. Now that we've been in one place for 3 years I've moved on to bigger goals: wanting an income (stupid grad school!) so I can do a big expensive kitchen remodel job. We've got all of the stuff, but that just emphasizes how the current kitchen setup sucks. I've found this fabulous jet-black faux marble countertop with little sparklies...

Re: cooking geek?

Well I'm still big on the car stuff, but that's just because I like the kitchen I built for myself a couple of years back (although I'm already contemplating moving, even just within town, so that I can decorate a whole new lair).

I'm still aquiring kitchen stuff, but I'm at the point where I can reliably grab a ranom recipe and know that I'll probably have most of the hardware needed for making stuff (or better yet knowing that I have kitchen gadget X which will make the work easier :). The one area that my kitchen is really lacking in though is food supplies since I've yet to figure out quite how to shopw and cook for one. Still though, I'm watching lots of cooking shows and learning stuff about how to deal with various food stuff and I've had some really good cooking experiments in the last few months :).

I'll be giving you serious cooking competition one of these days :-p.