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A question of perspective....

It's been one of those weeks...

I just remembered the highlight of the day (had this been a normal week).

I almost got run off the road by some dipshit in a silver rice burner of some sort. While I was on my way downtown this morning, some moron, was passing people on the breakdown lane and at one point he swerved onto the normal lanes and decided to pass me right as we were coming up to some slow moving cars so he cut into my lane from the right lane and he actually clipped the Bronco (I'll be using my mom's Bronco for a week or two until Winona is ship... errrr car shape again).

So, I had to waste half an hour sitting by the side of the road because since it was a hit and run, I had to report it to the P.D. and wait for an officer to take my statement. Believe it or not, this is the second time in the last 3 years that this has happened. In neither case was it all that exciting... if anything its mostly just annoying that people can be such complete and utter morons when they're behind the wheel. The one good thing of having some experience in this matter is that I had the foresight to memorize the dipshit's license plate, so I gave that to the 911 dispatch. Of course then the officer who took my statement said that it was unlikely that anything would/could be done to whoever was driving, but at least I know that this won't come back to bite me in the ass someday. I seem to recall that leaving the scene of an accident is a semi significant crime, one that I would rather not get hassled about.

The funny thing being that while I was sitting there by the side of the road, I actually burst out in actual honest laughter. It was just such an absurd thing to happen. Are the powers that be trying to tell me something? If so, I'm in trouble, because I’m not getting the message :).... It was yet another surreal moment in my life of late. Sitting in my car laughing my ass off because some jack ass with a quasi-fast (and ugly) car hit me.... It helped that the Bronco didn't have a scratch on it and I suspect that the rice burner might have done some damage to it's rear quarter panel (bwahahahah, tremble before my Maibatsu Monstrosity!!!!... 20 points if you can name the reference)....


So - yeah, that little bit of excitement totally slipped my mind until just now. On any other week I would have been ranting and raving about something like that all day, but today, I'm just glad that things are ok and that they might even turn out to be really cool (depending on P's actions and my father's following of doctor's orders)...

I guess it just goes to show that sometimes life is just a matter or perspective.

PS - Before anyone gets too worried about driving in El Paso, I will point out that I normally drive between 400-600 every week (that comes out to somewhere between 20,800 - 31,200 miles per year, not counting road trips) . I've had quite a few car adventures in the last 3 or so years, but if you break it down by miles driven it's actually nothing too significant.


Well y'know... Broncos are big vehicles...catch them a funny angle and they all but disappear from the road hehe... wonder if the riceboy was named Tyrone? hmmm

in comparison, I guess my shitty train karma isn't so shitty afterall...its' just those damn refrigerator boxes on the freeways I have to watch out for...and red lights...and stop signs...
Yeah, except that in this case it would be:

Vinnie: How did you hit a 2-ton Bronco?
Tyrone: It came at me from a funny angle.
Vinnie: When you are in drive, things tend to come at you from the front!

Heh, I'd rather deal with my collision karma. Short of death, the worst case scenario is that I get enough $$$ to buy a new Molly or to fix stuff on her... The joys of full coverage insurance.
Eek! Sorry to hear about your trouble! I couldn't help but overhear you saying you have a bronco! Well hello my fellow bronconeer! Mine is a bronco II though...I still think they are the best cars! I have had mine for 11 years and she is still going strong!

Awesome :)

Ah, cool someone else with good taste :)

Actually my folks and I are a little infatuated with Broncos. My folks have two '95 Broncos (the daily drivers) and my dad is still thinking about selling his trusty '90 Bronco (because it's never really used anymore).

My collection includes Molly ('90 Bronco) and Winona ('68 Bronco)....

One of these days I need to line all of them up and take a picture just for my own amusement....

but yeah, Bronco's are very cool :)

Re: Awesome :)

I have had my Bronco II (Baby is her name) since I was in high school (it was the 1st car I drove when I was 16), and I still have it now and I am 28! Yeah, she is a very good car...having radiator problems though right now...just got the tranny replaced in November. She has been a big part of my life...I can't get rid of her just yet!

Re: Awesome :)

Wow, you've had Baby quite a while. I've had Molly about 4 or 5 years and Winona for just over 1 year (she's supposed to be the "spare" truck for use when either of the main Broncos has issues).

I don't think I'll ever get rid of Molly. She's got power everything, a kick ass stereo, and is a Bronco for crying out loud :). I've also done the math on it and even if I have to blow $1k-$2k every few years in order to fix random stuff that might go wrong, it's still quite a bit less than having to pay a monthly car payment. I plan on replacing parts as they wear out and keeping her on the road indefinately. It does help that I actively like working on cars though :).

Re: Awesome :)

by the way, where do you get all of your cool dragon icons! I want some!

Re: Awesome :)

Actually, I made them using some of the random dragon pics out on the web. Nothing too exciting, just cropping and resizing for the most part, but it helps that I have a pretty huge collection of pics to choose from (long time dragon fanatic :).