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Ok, I would like to register a complaint with the powers that be.

I've had enough. This week just keeps on being cruddy. Granted it hasn't gotten worse, but it's stayed at the same general level of crappiness all week. Enough!

Last night, I slept funny and now my neck & shoulders are stiff.

My computer at work decided to have issues and it won't even read the Win98 CD in order to let me fix those issues.

Moya is acting up (I didn't start the rebuild last night after all). If not for the fact that I need parts from her (and the lack of tall buildings around here), I would take her to the top of a very tall building and pitch her over the side. The current incarnation of Moya has been the least cooperative machine that I have ever, ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

The "retail boxed" CPU that I bought, which was advertised as coming with a fan & heatsink did not come with either. So now I'm going to go buy one and probably never order from this one company again (no wonder they have cheap prices, their service sucks).

I'm hoping that I can hang out with P at some point this weekend (need a snuggle-crack fix), but I'm feeling distinctly unappealing and grumpy. I need company (preferably hers) but I'm worried that I might not be very good company in return.

Ugh, I'm just generally in whiny little bitch mode right now. It's all minor stuff, but together with the other stuff from the past week, I'm just really about ready to bite people's heads off if they so much as look at me funny. I should see if I can take the afternoon off. I'm in a seriously foul mood.





hmmm now where is that punching bag....

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