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Moya v2.0

Well I'd meant to post about this sooner (like yesterday morning), but I was somewhat un-inspired until recently. (hard to believe I'm sure).

So I'm writing this on the new, ultra-spiffy Moya v2.0. She's got a new case, CPU, motherboard (with on-board sound), and RAM. I still intend to upgrade it's video card, cd-burner, add another IDE controller, and a couple of extra USB ports (it's currently using the two it has and I have some other stuff to plug in). All in all though, I'm very happy with the new setup

A 1900+ XP Athlon boots up quite quickly with 512Mb of RAM. So far this has got to be the easiest ever major upgrade of PC I've ever done. The Antec case is huge and extremely well designed. Price-wise, it’s a mid-range case, but after dealing with Moya's last case for the last 2 years, I'm quite capable of appreciating a good case. The new components went into place nicely and I was even able to just drop in the old hard drive I had (along with the existing windows and linux installs) and make it work without any really major re-installs (just had to reinstall a few drivers, but nowhere near a full install of things).

So - yeah, first post from the new computer.

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