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LJ is being funky today....

Well I had to open my first support ticket because LJ seems to have misplaced a couple of entries and this makes me somewhat unthrilled. Currently entries Moya v2.0 and Casa de Morales are showing up on my friends' friends pages, and can be reached from each other (using the green forward and backward arrows) but they don't show up on my recent entries or calendar view.... wtf? Blah.

Update:Moya's date was wrong. This is why those two entries disappeared. They were coming up in January 2001. This could have easily been solved if I had paid attention to the date on them, but I distinctly remember noting that the time and day were right and not bothering to parse the date on them (after all it would seem unlikely that an error would align the days of the week right while leaving the date off by over a year)....

However in my defense I will point out that the correct response for that error should have been that the second backdated entry (stuck in January 2001) should have pointed to my first entry in October 2001. For some reason that entry kept returning an error saying that there was no entry after it, so if you missed the fact that the date was wrong, you'd still be stuck with 2 entries that provided no way to reach other entries. That's what really threw me off. It looked like those two entries existed in their own little world. If the second entry had pointed me to my first entry ever, I would have probably figured out the problem....

Still though, I'm not feeling horribly bright at not having read the wrong dates.


*poke* Go check your support request. *giggle* I have a feeling you'll kick yourself when you see it.

(Computer) Terminal Stupidity

Yeah, on any normal day I'd probably kick myself. Right now though I'm just glad it's something I could fix easily enough. It hadn't even occurred to me that the date would be off since I had just set it this weekend (although I guess it's possible that it somehow got reset at some point). I checked the time on Sunday for DST and it was right so I assumed that the date would still be right too.

Yet again proof that with computers you must check every possible reason for a problem, even if you're positive that it can't be reason X.
Since you are fairly clueful about LJ stuff, I have a question.

Don't those green arrows on the comments view on entries point to the next or previous entry regardless of time between entries? I inadvertently did one of those geek things where I tested for something obvious using a non-standard thing and managed to get myself confused.

Instead of reading the dates on the entries, I tried going forward or backward using the green arrows and if I was looking at those 2 entries the first one showed the correct error, but the second one indicated that there were no newer entries even though every entry but one should have been newer. Shouldn't the second misplaced entry have pointed to my first entry?

Not a big deal by any means, but I'm curious about that now :)
I only saw January. October totally didn't figure into anything I saw. :)
I was trying to say that since I put those entries at the beginning of my journal, shouldn't the second misplaced entry have pointed to my first ever entry (in October).

As it was, the first misplaced entry said that there were no previous entries (correct) but the other one said that there were no newer entries (wrong). So my journal was doing this:

426 -- 428 -x- 1 --- 2 --- 3 --- etc...

and stopping at x instead of going on to 1 which would seem like what it should do (go on to the 'next' entry).
let me know what you find out from livejournal, because the same thing has happened to me recently as well...you are not alone...but if all they are going to say is "too bad" then it really isn't worth me dealing with their support, you know?
Haven't heard anything back about the weird entry stuff. I'm guessing that it might have something to do with the changes in how entries are being stored and recalled, but I'm not at all clueful enough to know why.

It does kind of suck though because I was thinking about throwing in some backdated entries for random big stuff from the past. I'll probably still do it at some point, but it does bug me a little that it doesn't seem to work right.

Still though, having done my time in support-hell once upon a time it's hard to get too cranky (even though it seems that all 800 #s on the planet are staffed by obnoxious folks... especially when it comes to my cable company's tech support :). I'll definitely let you know if I find out anything more about this.