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Well now I remember why I really don't like waxing cars.

After getting work stuff done I decided to be productive and work on the Corvette this afternoon. Six hours later, I am exhausted but feeling much better about life in general. Still feeling generally smushed after the last couple of weeks, but no longer quite so close to having a complete meltdown.

This was very much one of those "Zen & the art of motorcycle repair" repair kind of days. I was feeling quite miserable when I decided to work on the car, but as I got the battery charged and cleaned out all the dust and whatnot and checked fluid levels I started to feel more like myself. When the battery was charged and I got her started up for the first time this afternoon...mmmmm mmm.... very few things in this world sound quite as good as a big bad V-8 growling away under the hood. It felt good to hear that soothing rumble so quickly and with relatively little work. When we'd parked her last she was starting to develop some hard-to-pin-down sounds and I was a little worried. Today though she ran perfectly. Once I got her moving around a bit, I was really starting to feel good. I gave her a quick run around the block and took her home. I brought out all the car care crap and got to work on making her look like a lady again (I really need to settle on a name for her).

No major surprises to report through all the work that I did. I'm about halfway done with the tune-up and I think she'll stay nicely clean for the next couple of weeks. However I am feeling good, but tired and Buffy is on now so I'm going to skeedaddle for now. ta-ta.

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