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News @ 11... (45)

Well J has confirmed that she'll be visiting in May. She sent me a copy of her itinerary so that's set. It should be fun. I'll have summer vehicles ready to go (Winona and the Corvette) and maybe I'll even have Molly off the injured list. No, it's not like J is really into cars, but one of the reasons why I really enjoy having friends visit (hint hint hint) is that it gives me a chance to go out and have fun for a long weekend. I get to go do stuff that I often don't get around to doing when folks aren't here visiting.

X may also be visiting in June but that will probably be a very different kind of visit if it happens.... *evil smile*

Another nice thing about the crazy car fun from today is that it actually turned out to be quite a work out (especially the part where I buffed out the wax). I'm probably going to be feeling it a little bit tomorrow. This is kind of cool since I'm going to be starting a new exercise/diet regimen tomorrow. I got my subscription to Muscle & Fitness (a very cool average-hardcore exercise magazine) and I'm going to start up the serious, planned exercise thing again. I used to really be into reading it for a couple of years in college and in that time I was able to use a lot of it's suggestions and advice to get in shape, so I'm hoping that I can use it like that again. It's weird, but it really does help to read through it and get ideas for what I should try to work on etc...

Then again, I also read Maxim, Entertainment Weekly, and Discovery.... go figure :).

Today we finally turned on the A/C in the duplexes so my house is nice and chilly now. I should probably turn it off soon, but I was enjoying kicking back on the couch in a nice cool house and feeling like I did something today. Hopefully we're within days of closing on the construction loans now so life will get even more hectic (in a good way). It seems like these loan folks just keep on wanting another little bit of information or an explanation about something etc... Still though from what our agent said she's pretty sure that they're almost done reviewing things and that we should be able to do the closing "any day now"

Of course that's when I'm going to get ridiculously busy. It'll be good though. I want to take my mind off of stuff and the extra money floating around the business will make it easier to get stuff fixed (e.g. Molly). If I handle a lot of the actual work myself (e.g. install light fixtures, install the flooring, etc...) I'll probably even see some of the $$$ myself which is a cool added incentive to work my ass off on these things.

So yeah, that's it. I hope you are doing good this evening.

The world in general can still sod off, but at least now I'm saying it with a smile :-p.

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