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The Secret of Nimh & other ramblings...

Well I finally got around to watching it and wow...

I had totally forgotten why I liked it so much as a little kid. I remembered some of the weird spooky rose bush scenes, but over the years the whole thing had transformed into something kinda weird and not entirely nice. It still seems a little dark and a bit deep for something meant for little kids (especially considering it was made in 1982... man I feel old :), but I find that I still enjoy it. It's a wee bit overly sappy at times, but the rats are so very cool and the evil cat is named Dragon (and it's half as big as the farmers wife, sheesh).

As Friday's go, this one went.

Nothing too exciting to report beyond watching the movie just now. I worked a bit and did car stuff a bit and that's about it.

I'm tempted to go out tonight, but no one seems to be around and I'm still more or less car-less (the Corvette is drivable, but we need to get the state inspection sticker and insurance for it... that'll probably happen Mon/Tues....).... Eh, oh well I'll make it a movie night + Farscape... actually I have data processing stuff to do for brother G and I promised it would be done first thing in the morning so I might as well do that too (esp since I am getting paid for it... who knows, maybe this will help cover some of the $$ from the shopping orgies of late....).

Actually, speaking of shopping orgies....

Have you ever wondered just how ghetto El Paso can be? Have you ever wondered how sketchy my taste in stuff is? Well, check out what I found at the local ghetto Auto-Zone (I'll explain shortly)

See, this is the kind of stuff that you'll find in the ghetto auto parts store. They seem to specialize in legit car parts and the tackiest shit for your car. Do you need to make your car look at home on the Las Vegas strip? They have the neon to do it. Will your life not be complete without a naked lady silhouette air freshener? They got it. Need fuzzy dice? Check. An eight-ball steering wheel spinner? Here ya go. How about leopard print seat and dash covers? No problem. If it's cheap, tacky, made in China, and in any way remotely meant for car usage, the Ghetto Auto-Zone will have it.

Is it any wonder I love random shopping trips there? :-p I walked in, innocently looking for actual car stuff, and I walked out with those three ghoulies and car stuff. I mean they've got the saddle shoes, the zoot suits... How could I resist the one in the center? A skull with a Purple zoot suit?

Gah. Must get Tacky Toys!

At least I resisted the leopard print CD-case (I went for the one with flames on it ;)


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