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purple dragon

negative body mod....

This sucks, I've had to remove the orbital that I had in the upper part of my left ear due to recurring infections. I came to the conclusion that the combination of working outdoors a lot (and thus getting grimy, sweaty etc...), wearing glasses constantly (which happened to rub again the piercing a lot), and having long hair that can't quite be tied back yet (it often ends up covering my ears when I am working) made for a bad piercing environment. A local piercing guy suggested that I wait until my hair has grown out more before I try piercing the upper part of an ear again. He thinks that being able to tie my hair completely out of the way will make it a lot easier to maintain the piercing healthy while it heals.

Grrrrr... after 5 or so years of getting various piercings, this is the first one I've had to take out :(.

On the plus side though, the infection went away nearly immediately so ultimately its a wash, I'm just out the $$$ it took to do the piercing in the first place. Still though, I really liked the way it looked, and I'll probably have to wait 4-6 months before getting it re-done. Oh well.