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Remember a week ago or so when I mentioned that my inbox was a wee bit full and in need of some cleaning? Well, a week later, and its sitting pretty (bloated) at 340 messages. I really really really need to do something about that soon. I would rather not find out what happens when an inbox explodes.


Dude....Abba? Ok, we know why you were only 44% punk hahaha :oPPP j/k


if I wanted to be more punk, I'd say something like "fuck you, I'll listen to whatever music I bloody well please" :-p j/k.... well I'm not just kidding, but you already know I listen to whatever I want to (you've heard my mix discs :-p ).

Re: Actually...

Yeah i have heard your mix'd discs before and they're usualy very cool.....so again, i wonder...Abba?!?!?! heeh :oPP j/k