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Ok, so I just checked my dad's email acct (which he never uses because he's just not down with those new fangled electronical calculator/computer things :)

Check out this list of Spam Subject lines (all recieved this weekend):

  • Fat? Lost it like that - Stupid? Learn to wrote.
  • Digital Camera Special $59 dollars - Plus $100.00 S&H
  • FURRY NAKED BARNYARD FRIENDS!!!!!!!! - Yikes, just yikes.
  • Mortgage Rates are Dropping-Are you Benefiting? - No, but if you respond to this they will be
  • Get Cash out of your Home! FREE Analysis! - Yeah, their analysis: Set fire to your house, collect the insurance money.
  • 10 Seconds = $50! - Small Print: $50 for them
  • PARTY ALL NIGHT! VIAGRA ONLINE - Wouldn't Viagra be more helpful at home? What is this? E-Viagra?
  • MY NEW EMAIL ADDRESS - Ah right, from my good friend krgjkoems@yawho.con
  • Snoring a Problem in Your House? Stop it Today - For $25.00 they will send you an informative brochure that has the solution. Strangle the person who snores.
  • MAKE HER HAPPY-VIAGRA - Two words, Oral Sex. Much cheaper, better results.
  • Gov Grants Info E-Book - E-No
  • MAKE HER BEG FOR MORE! VIAGRA ONLINE - Clearly aimed at people who don't realize that Viagra will make them good lovers the same way that a sniper rifle will make a blind person a world-class assassin.
  • Lock in a Lower House Payment Now - Change your name and move out of the country. You'll magically have a house payment of $0.00
  • Prescription Weight-Loss and Viagra - Ummmm.... I'm afraid to ask how you pair those two...
  • Re: Payment - Blah, just flat out dishonest....

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