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purple dragon


I'm sitting here reading through some blueprints (doing my exciting job), and I came across this little gem of non-accountability:

"Soil and foundation study is available for review at _________. It is for reference only, the architect nor the owner make, nor imply any guarantee as to its accuracy"

Now, what possible use is it to have something that might or might not have any bearing on reality and which no one is willing to in any way guarantee? Then again, stuff like this is why so many random companies have gone bankrupt because of problems with just 1 big job....

I wish I could have written that little disclaimer on my homework assignments while I was in school. T'would have made life much simpler :)



Ok, this is bugging me now. should there be a "do not" before the make in the above phrase? I'm getting lost with their use of nors and commas. Either way, you'd think they could write this in plain English: "This might or might not be accurate, use at your own risk"