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Killer Dust Bunnies from Hell....

I need to clean the house. It's getting really cluttered. I've been putting this off for the last few weeks. It needed it three weeks ago when I had planned on doing it. Of course that was right about when one of the smaller minor deities decided to crap on my life. Still though, if I'm going to have P over this weekend, I'll need to do some serious Mr. Clean-ing.

Maybe I'll even start tonight :)

Quite possibly I'll get distracted. For some reason I can't work on stuff unless it's coming up on a deadline. Until I'm forced to, I'll just kinda put it off and wait until later.... Well later is rapidly approaching so...

So, I'm going to stop punting and do some straightening up and whatnot.

If any kind souls out there feel like chatting, feel free to make me stop this cleaning madness :)