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Yeesh.... More gearhead ramblings...

So, last night Dave swung by and we talked about cars, computers, and guns and other manly things (translation: we spent 90% of the time talking about girls and 10% talking about other stuff).

During one break from the main topic, he was oggling the Corvette sitting in the driveway (and I was grumbling about broken switches and stuff that needs to be fixed on it) when I happened to observe that Drusilla (ye olde 1970 Lincoln Continental) would just barely fit in my driveway if I wanted to be able to open the door to my house... Later I did some web surfing and realized something... It won't.... My driveway (from front door to sidewalk) is 20' long. Dru is just a bit over 18' long.... 20' - 18' = 2' < 3' (width of my front door).... If I want the front security door to be able to swing out (and therefore not thwack the car) I need to leave the car with a little over a foot of trunk on the sidewalk....

"...I got me a car, it's as big as a whale ... it seats about 20..."

Eh, lj-break is over. Time to get back to work... nose -> grindstone...

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