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One road to gearhead happiness is...

... getting to spend all day working on your car... even if you don't finish everything and it turns out to be quite a bit more frustrating than you had originally anticipated.

That was my day. I got the shift kits installed, but that's it. I also noticed a disturbing leak in one of the break lines and under the engine. I suspect I'll end up spending tomorrow evening tracking those down before I try moving Winona around too much. Still though, I can now move Winona without having to shift gears from the engine compartment (trust me not fun).

I also find myself horribly dirty right now. Both my blue jeans and my black shirt are a rather unthrilling shade of brown at the moment. Simultaneously, large portions of my arms are engine-oil black and my hair is an odd shade of gray... I think it's time to take a shower and do some laundry.


now i know why i added you to my friends list... you sound like me, although yesterday it was all garden tractor grease, dirt, and oil. that is the good kind of dirty though...


Well I've been known to end up with tractor grease on me as well. Although we don't have a "garden" tractor per se. Ours are more of the big ol' heavy machinery types. Still fun to work on and with though :).

Lately the car stuff is what's keeping me sane so you can be sure you'll be hearing about more of these random adventures.