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Midnight driving...

Upon finishing my earlier rant, I decided that I'd never get to sleep if I just crashed then and there....

So, I put my shoes on and hopped in Audrey. Took the tops off and cruised around for a little bit. She needs a better stereo and some random other stuff but she still made me happy.

I'm feeling a bit better about stuff now. Random realization hit me while I was driving. I've officially been driving (legally) for just over 10 years now. I got my learner's permit sometime when I was 15, probably around this time of year for driver's ed. In August I will have had a drivers license for 10 years. That is such a bizarre concept. I can still remember back to that momentous day when I got my license and I'm so much more into driving and cars now than I was back then.

Anyways. Time for bed... or maybe time for TV... not entirely sure yet.

Ugh. No wonder I hate mornings sometimes.

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