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Places to live/visit...

This seemed like a potentially cheesy quiz at first. I wasn't planning on posting the results, but they gave me some ideas for places to go visit in the future (I already have a good start on this list)...

So here are my top 24 most ideal cities to live in:

(bold = place I've lived in; italics = place I've visited; * = place I want/plan to visit)

  1. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  2. Hartford, Conecticut*
  3. New Haven, Connecticut
  4. Portland Oregon*
  5. Providence, Rhode Island*
  6. Las Vegas, Nevada*
  7. Boston, Massachusetts
  8. Sacramento, California
  9. Washington, District of Columbia
  10. Little Rock Arkansas
  11. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  12. Denver, Colorado*
  13. Oakland, California
  14. Baltimore, Maryland
  15. Salt Lake City, Utah
  16. San Jose, California
  17. Carlisle, Pennsylvania
  18. Long Island, New York
  19. Long Beach, California
  20. San Francisco, California
  21. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  22. Honolulu, Hawaii*
  23. Tucson, Arizona
  24. Reno, Nevada

Find your spot....


you should visit Providence too. Providence is *cool*. And it's only an hour from Boston, so it's really easy to combine trips. Hey, you could come to one of my waterfire pilgrimages... eee! reminds me! I haven't even looked at this years calendar yet! I need to start planning!

Very cool.

Wow, Waterfire looks awesome... and what luck, I'm already planning a Boston trip sometime in Aug or Sept :). If scheduling works out, I'd be quite psyched to join you on one of those pilgrimages.
i agree, take hartford off the list and add providence! MUCH better city. and go hungry, you can eat your way from one end to the other!
Providence is definitely looking better lately. Then again, when it comes to exploring new places I'm really easy to convince. Usually all it takes is the promise of something "interesting" to see upon arriving and good company on the trip and I'm ready to go :).

I'm a bit of a travel ho I guess :-p
Maybe I'm biased, but Portland is pretty cool. Lots of bookstores, brewpub theaters, etc. Rains a lot, though.

Groovy suggestion

Hmmm... Portland sounds good when you put it that way :). I think I may have to * it for future visiting.

Actually, the main reason I didn't * all the cities on that list (with the possible exception of SLC) is due to not knowing anyone who'd have crash space for a visiting trouble maker.

I'm big on travelling in general. Usually the main limiting factor is either finding a travel buddy, or knowing folks in the final destination with friendly couches where I can crash. I'm a big fan of finding cheap airfare some place interesting and then crashing on people's couches or floors while I'm visiting.

Ok, so I guess that translates into being either cheap or poor :)