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Places to live/visit...

This seemed like a potentially cheesy quiz at first. I wasn't planning on posting the results, but they gave me some ideas for places to go visit in the future (I already have a good start on this list)...

So here are my top 24 most ideal cities to live in:

(bold = place I've lived in; italics = place I've visited; * = place I want/plan to visit)

  1. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  2. Hartford, Conecticut*
  3. New Haven, Connecticut
  4. Portland Oregon*
  5. Providence, Rhode Island*
  6. Las Vegas, Nevada*
  7. Boston, Massachusetts
  8. Sacramento, California
  9. Washington, District of Columbia
  10. Little Rock Arkansas
  11. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  12. Denver, Colorado*
  13. Oakland, California
  14. Baltimore, Maryland
  15. Salt Lake City, Utah
  16. San Jose, California
  17. Carlisle, Pennsylvania
  18. Long Island, New York
  19. Long Beach, California
  20. San Francisco, California
  21. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  22. Honolulu, Hawaii*
  23. Tucson, Arizona
  24. Reno, Nevada

Find your spot....

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