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Hmmmm... Every once in a while, I am reminded just why it is that sleep is good. This evening I practically passed out from 6pm-11pm and I woke up feeling awesome. This is somewhat amusing since I woke up fully dressed, face-down with my legs and lower body on the bed, and my head, arms, and upper body on the floor. True, my bed is fairly low to the ground, so its not as awkward a position as it might seem, but its certainly not a position I'd normally choose for sleeping in (or doing anything else in for that matter)

This was also cool because I woke up just in time to watch a couple of Home and Garden Channel shows (yes, I'm a construction geek), check email, and now I'm just about ready to crash again. I'm not exhausted, I can just tell that I could use another few hours of sleep and I have a few hours of time to kill before my usual wake up time. What's particularly cool is that even though I was getting like 8-12 hours of sleep for the last long while, it was really bad sleep, like when you wake up feeling as tired and sometimes more tired than when you went to sleep... This is the first time in months that I've gotten up and not felt really blah. In fact, I feel really good.

I'm hoping that its just my body's wacky way of putting me back on its normal sleep cycle which I really like. Ideally, I need 4-6 hours of really deep death-like R.E.M. sleep and normally I can pretty much get into it within like 5 minutes. I've been told (by people who would know) that when I go to sleep its nearly impossible to wake me up after a few minutes, but I seem to be able to get up whenever I want to, or its most convenient (e.g. I can fall into deep sleep in an airplane, I'll sleep through major turbulence, but I'll wake up just in time to get the complimentary peanuts and soda). I'm pretty sure that for the last long-ish while I hadn't been getting into really deep sleep and that was a big part of the problem.

Perhaps my renewed efforts to get into non-oval shape are contributing to better sleep... That would be very cool.

Sheesh, this is sad (in an amusing sort of way), I'm excited about going to sleep.... I'm getting old ;-p

*yawn*... well time for bed. "night all.


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