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purple dragon

TV Goodness....


Just when I thought my Friday evenings were going to be TV-less after Farscape's 3rd season finale last week, I read about this in Slashdot:

Max Headroom on TechTV

Very Groovy


did you read the article about Hasbro possibley bringing back the ORIGINAL Transformers™ ?? that would kick ass... 1st one I'd get...Grimlock...as a dinobot, not some stupid bulldozer
I'd probably wait to see what the toy quality was like. The new Transformers while very nice to look at sometimes aren't all that rugged... Come to think of it they never really where.

I know this is probably blasphemy in some circles, but I always thought that the Go-bots were much higher quality. True, the Transformers had a much more interesting plot, but the Go-bots were better TOYS. Heck, you saw how many of the old Go-bots I dug up a few weeks ago. 90% of them were in perfect shape and could still be played with. Whereas a bunch of the Transformers where missing random bits and pieces or had ended up broken