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*creak* part II

Well, it appears that my body has made the unilateral decision that we will be exercising on a more or less daily basis from now on. This morning I woke up and my back is somewhat unhappy. WTF? I workout like a good little psycho Tuesday night and I wake up feeling a little sore but generally good. I take a break last night and this morning I wake up feeling un-flexible and a bit crappy.

Hmmm... Granted, this is probably a better situation than if I were to exercise and then I woke-up feeling crappy and such, but this just seems a little odd... Then again maybe this will be less of an issue after a few weeks of exercise. Blah, enough rambling about exercising, I'm just looking forward to going tonight.


in general muscles are sorer 2 days after hard exercise than they are 1 day after.
in general you should only do muscle-building workouts every 2 days. not sure about cardio stuff tho.
*sigh* I should totally be less lame about getting exercise.
I've never really tried the gym thing. there are several near me that keep sending "free first month!" offers. need to try one. yeah.
I've noticed that soreness issue when I do weight training. Usually cardio stuff will leave me a tiny bit sore in a few spots (which it did) but generally I'll feel pleasantly relaxed/limber for a day or two afterwards. Today my back is tight in the way that I associate with oversleeping. For a while now, I've noticed that if I sleep for more than 6 or so hours at a stretch, I wake up with a very unhappy back.

My body is just weird. I suspect that it has some evil plot to force me back into the shape I was in when I used to play rugby. This wouldn't be a Bad Thing per se, but I wouldn't mind finding a pleasantly sane middle ground between Homer Simpson & The Rock :).

Going to a gym is a good thing if you can make the time for it. I'm not sure where exactly I'm going with the overall "getting in shape" plan but just going helps keep me a little saner on a day-to-day basis. I've found that forcing myself to exercise gets easier after a few weeks because I start feeling the benefits overall. I find it easier to sit at my desk and do work. Easier to get up in the mornings and go to bed at night, and of course there are other more entertaining benfits to being in better shape ;
funny, I find for me it gets harder to motivate myself after a week or two because I get less sore from it. the pain I feel after doing serious exercise that I haven't done in a long time is so invigorating! but that doesn't last. After a week or so I barely get sore at all. And I don't have the time and energy to keep increasing the level until I do get sore... though maybe that just requires some clever planning that I haven't figured out yet. hmm.
Hmmm that makes sense in a masochistic sort of way ;)

Out of curiosity, what sort of exercise do you do when you've jumped into it in the past?

I've never found it too difficult to keep upping the amounts of exercise that I do, but then again I've always been a big fan of weightlifting and using stuff like the elliptical machine. So far, I have yet to run out of soreness inducing levels.
I love the feeling of sore muscles. It lets you know you did your body some good. :)

No pain no gain eh?

I've never been a big fan of sore muscles myself, but I do like the feel of stretching out a sore muscle group.. not as much as say ice cream though :-p.

The big thrill for me is always when I can do stuff (e.g. running up multiple flights of stairs ;) that I couldn't do before.