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purple dragon

Geek Alert!!!

In the immortal words of Ralph Wiggum: "It tastes like burning..."

I would like to give a huge endorsement to the coolest all around burning software I've yet come across: Nero. I just spent the last hour freeing up 10 gigs or so of hard drive space on Moya and it was all thanks to Nero. I had a couple of rather large divx movies (around 710-730Mb) and thanks to overburning I was able to squeeze all of them onto their own CDs. I still have a few that are in the 800Mb ballpark and I'm not sure if those can be overburned onto a normal 700Mb CD, but now that I have established that the new CD-R handles overburning nicely (despite the fact that Sony claims it doesn't) and it can in fact burn CDs at 32X without creating coasters, I see myself indulging in computer-based pyromania a lot more often. I think I'll go ahead and order some 90min or 99min CDs (800 and 850 Mbs respectively I think) and see how well those work for storing the really huge movies I have.

It's funny, but this little bit of good luck in the geek department made me very happy right now. Not a total Pollyanna "everything is fine with the world" more of an "Ok, I haven't lost my touch" sort of thing. I also got the 3rd and 4th IDE interfaces working and with them I also got Moya's DVD working... now I just need to learn how to rip stuff off of DVDs and encode it to divx streams (so that a near DVD-quality full-length movie will take up 700Mb or so)... It had been a while since I was totally happy with my main computer but this current incarnation of Moya leaves nearly nothing to be desired. The only thing I want to add to it now (with the obvious exception of more RAM and h/d space which you can never have enough of ;) is the 2 remaining USB ports that the motherboard can support. That's it. In every other respect, Moya is completely set and working perfectly right now. She could still use a reinstall of Win98 and a Linux upgrade, but that's not urgent. Suddenly things seem to be working fine (let's see how long this lasts.

I know, this is a totally geeky post, but damn it feels good to be a geek tonight :).

All right, I'm going to stop now before I start waxing poetic about how much fun it is going through the stuff on my hard drive or telling "back in the day" stories about my first ever 2x CD-R (which I got all of 4 or 5 years ago) that made about as many coasters as actual CDs... hehehe :-p




and kudos on the ralph quote! "mommy?" "i'm not your mommy ralph, i'm mrs. hoover." "mommy?" "put your head down ralph." :)
Vic and I both have a thing for Wiggum quotes... my personal favorites besides the "It tastes like burning" are "I bent my wookie" and "Me fail English? That's unpossible!" hehe
yes, Nero's quite nice, simple and easy....much how I like other things in my life.. and NO not including my women...hadda cut you off before you thought that :oPP
At this point some comments about free, tempermental, and eccentric come to mind wrt to you mating choices, but I'll keep them to myself :-p