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woo-hoo, the glitch with the final duplex (of this round at least) has finally been fixed so by month's end we should have a decent start on all 4 of them and the house will be going up at a decent clip. We're in good shape to also get financing for the other 4 duplexes and the commerical property that we want to develop along with a few other projects, so by year's end I will have (hopefully) helped my folks secure a little over $1x10^7 in financing which will correspond to a little over 2x that amount in value of the actual developments.... and I get to handle the lion's share of the actual project management stuff while they're under construction. Not too shabby for someone who was almost completely clueless about real estate stuff as of last year. The wheel has turned and things are looking up.

In other news, I finally tracked down a promising mechanic to fix Molly's transmission. He's coming by in the morning to check out the two trucks that need a fixin' and if he sticks with the prices he quoted me this afternoon, all should be good. Now, with a little luck, he'll also be able to fix Molly within the next week or two and we'll really be set (I want her fixed in time for J's visit).

Oh, and can I just say that I'm really enjoying this exercise kick I've been on recently. It's awesome. Painful, but in a promising "I will soon stop feeling like a fat ass" kind of way. Not that I'm huge or anything, but I'd definitely gone downhill from when I was doing the hardcore exercise bit out East. I was in shape... in as much as round is a shape :-p. I've decided that having a 6-pack on me instead of in the fridge is going to make me very happy so my goal is to get back in scary shape again... Of course in the morning, I'm going to be feeling craptacular as my body has it's revenge on me, but we'll see who's laughing after half a dozen ibuprofen tablets ;).

I will not become Cartman damn it! The downward slide into tubbiness has been stopped, now just to drag my fat ass back into shape... besides, endorphins are really neat :-p

Ok, I'm done ranting now :)

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