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A geek thought....

I am making progress on switching the office machines from Windoze to Linux. This involves finding good programs to do numerous things (i.e. sync the palm pilots, do email, word processing, spreadsheets etc...). I've been researching lots of random programs lately. I noticed that many programs had descriptions that said something like:

execution errors will be logged into a human-readable text file

Now, I fully realize that what programmers consider human-readable and what most folks consider human-readable are often light-years apart,


wouldn't it be nice if humans (particularly those that we have a romantic interest in) produced errors in human-readable form?


Just a thought from your friendly neighborhood uber-geek (:-p)


aaaaaaaaah. i'm win2K living in a 3.1 world... let me tell you. :)

there is a quote i say alot at work, my geek thought of the day.
i'm win2K living in a 3.1 world

you know, that a really scary concept :-p
What distro are you using? Looks like everything you need is pretty much standard.
Office Suite: Star Office by Sun MicroSystems, AbiWord, KWord...
E-Mail: Limitless, You have Evolution, KMail, Mozilla Mail the list goes on. I like Evloution.
Palm Sync: KPilot, JPilot, there are a few more...
I'm using RH 7.2

Yeah, most of the office/business stuff is pretty standard, but I was also considering what my folks would find easy to use. I've slogged through linux stuff since sometime in '94 so I'll use just about anything so long as it works, but my folks need fairly straightforward programs that do specific things but which don't let them get into too much trouble. When it comes to computers, my parents are users from hell and that's what's really affected my choice of things to use :).

Also, stuff like Star Office looks good, but I wanted to hold off on officially adopting it (and commiting our documents to it) until I got a hold of the actual release (the beta version I have expires in June sometime). I've actually been playing around with Open Office lately and that seems to be working ok.

It's not really a difficult project, but it seems to take forever since I tend to have lots of other random stuff to do in the office and it's rare that I get to sit down for a few hours at a time to really futz with programs and pound on them enough to make sure they won't break (or that my folks can't easily break them :)


Right on. I got my wife to convert...Thats about as far up the family chain I dare to go. Most of them can hardly use windoze. Have you attempted to run Quake or anything like that on LInux yet?
Well, at least you got someone to convert :)

Actually I doubt that my parents will be too hard to convince. Mostly it's a question of loading 10 or so random programs on the machines so that they can do the stuff they want to do and so that they can't (easily) destroy the system :). Linux only gets to be a hard sell when people insist that they want the latest and greatest video games or plug-ins on their computers.

I've run the original Quake and Doom on Linux before. rumor has it that you can also play newer versions of FPS on Linux, but I tend to use Linux for more business/work stuff than anything else... come to think of it since I got my PS2, I don't play many computer games (with the exception of Civ and Dungeon Keeper type games :).