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Back from the dead *cough*


I was mildly sick this weekend. Mostly just sniffly and feeling cruddy, but that was enough to convince me that sleep was the thing to do for the last couple of day. Of course this was also the weekend when I had to go to one graduation party on Saturday and a mother's day shindig at Ruben's house.

I made an appearance at both, but I slept through almost all of Sunday's festivities. I would have liked to be more social and chatty, but at one point I ended up totally crashed out while people around me were playing on the PS2. Life of the party I was not.

One of my scars has also decided to act up recently. For some odd reason (probably a scrape of some sort) the big shin scar that I've had for the last 12 or so years got irritated and a tiny bit infected and it's now open again (big ewww). This is mildly distressing.

Granted it's almost certainly because my normal work boots go right over half of it so walking around probably irritated the hell out of the wound as the boot edge scraped against it and that made it a bit worse than it would have been otherwise, but still. Developing random injuries for no apparent reason is not a good thing. So far it seems to be healing well since I cleaned it up and bandaged it. I suspect that it'll be nearly fully healed in another couple of days (it is a rather large wound).

I hate having to be so paranoid about injuries now, but considering my family history for unpleasant illnesses like diabetes, it seems like a good idea (despite the fact that I tend to heal very quickly).


I'm still debating if this should interfere with my work out schedule once I'm not feeling sick. I don't think I'm doing anything that would cause it problems, but I suspect that I might re-open it a bit if I'm not extremely careful (e.g. scraping it against the pads of the leg machines). Decisions decisions...


I'm glad to hear from you... I was starting to worry!