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News Flash... (geek stuff)

... programmers can't write documentation to save their lives.

I just figured out why I couldn't sync my Palm Pilot to JPilot the other day. Apparently, unlike the Windoze version, you have to set JPilot to sync and then start the HotSync on the pilot. This is fairly straightforward, except that if you have been using the Windoze version, you are used to the fact that you can hot sync the Pilot just by clicking hotsync either on the cradle or on the Pilot itself.

I kid you not, I read through all of the documentation for JPilot and this wasn't mentioned anywhere. You'd think that they could at least mention minor differences like that which could be a stumbling block for people.

Oh well, it's fixed now. Just need to get OO working and I'm set.


programmers can't write...period :oP at least nothing in straight English