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Yet more proof that I'm at least somewhat insane:

I'm in the process of switching from Windoze '98 to Linux in the office. I've come to the conclusion that a stable OS that I can easily customize will be the least painful way to give my folks significant access to "The Internet" without opening ourselves up to any of the multitude of headaches inherent in using something like Outlook and M$ Office.

My parents hated how often Windows networking would not quite work right, and how often the computer would crash when they were doing something. I've noticed that relatively new users have a magical way of figuring out how to run the 4 programs on a machine that will result in a crash. Sometimes this will happen in such a way as to make your machine unstable (my dad managed to crash not only his computer, but the entire network (ok, so its only 3 computers) a few weeks ago).

Then again sometimes Windows machines will crash for no apparent reason. Today I had my machine crash 2x while I was trying to make Excel do something while web-surfing (I know, silly me trying to multi-task). Quite frankly, I'm fed-up with Windows crashing on its own and then bringing up the obnoxious Scandisk window that reminds me to "remember to shutdown your machine correctly"...

Nothing terribly deep and/or meaningful in this entry, just felt like rambling a little bit about my fun day at work. I'm going through and making sure that I have accounted for all the various little apps that we use in the office. Ultimately I'll probably have my machine dual-boot because I tend to use AutoCad LT a lot (and its not available for Linux). I had my folks try out Linux on my laptop, and they were quite happy with it.

Oh, and don't get me wrong, this isn't meant as a random anti-windows rant, I use it for some things (mostly games and multi-media), but I was actively surprised that my folks thought Linux was by far easier to use (mind you, this was with a custom desktop-GUI that I setup specifically for them).

Woo-hoo, its almost quittin' time :)


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