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Yeah, I'm doing Ok.

Apparently the funkiness that I noticed in Logjam this morning did actually accomplish something after all. Weird. I hadn't even noticed it posted those entries like that...

I guess that's something to take a look at tomorrow. How are you doing?
I'm all right. I can't wait to go to El Paso. Lisa's coming with me this time. I am sooo excited. The happenings of this summer will probably make August come sooner. I miss seeing you online.
Cool. I'm guessing you guys will have lots of fun in Juarez again :). At this rate, you'll end up convincing her to move out here too.
I hope so. It also helps that whoever we talk to, and mention UTEP, they go off about how good of a school it is for engineering. I doubt she'll move permanately. Oh well. It will be fun having her go, though.