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Let the fun begin...

We finally got all of the paperwork done for the construction loans yesterday. We are officially set to build 4 duplexes and more or less double the money that we borrowed. Today I'm feeling vaguely competent :).

Of course now comes the really fun part where I get to start dealing with details and then actually building stuff, but that's ok. That's in fact the fun part. If not for the fact that I can't get Open Office to work, the Linux migration would be finished.


Hmmm.... how to coax the program to work right....

Anyhow. Today should involve a fun romp with the evil city minion (after I draft some changes to the plans that I submitted a few weeks ago). Eh, who am I kidding, I'm more or less looking forward to being productive and business-like today. It'll take my mind off of other stuff (or so I'm going to tell myself for the time being).

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