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Today's word is:


As in, I'm surrounded by them.

NCP #1 = Lumber goober. On Friday, I place an order for some stuff that we needed today. Originally I ordered 2 things (i.e. 30 sheets of gypsum board and 30 sheets of 1/2" plywood wafer board). No big deal. Guess what? The genius who's handling out account managed to forget the gypsum board. Then, instead of apologizing for it, he said that I didn't order it... He's on my shit list for the time being.

NCP #2 = Our illustrious mayor who has instituted a dress code for city employees. Normally I could care less about what a company makes it's workers wear, but seeing as how the City of El Paso is a monopoly and I can't really go elsewhere to do some things, it seems rather pointless to aggravate the Evil City Minions. While I may dislike them intensely, I would rather deal with a happy Evil City Minion than with one who's been forced to wear heels or a tie for 6 hours.

NCP #3 = T.B.A (it's only noon)


Yup. That's our Mayor. Ray (Il Duche) Caballero.
Heh, this is an easy question to answer.

I'm quite happy to not work in anyone's IT dept. Aside from doing as little as possible, I help run my dad's construction company. In college, I learned that I don't play well with others and that if I had to work in corporate America, I'd likely end up going postal in short order.

So I don't and I haven't :)

WRT Make-up. Yikes, just yikes. So, out of curiosity, when does this TV consultant think you should wear make-up? I mean, I can understand TV folks wearing it on-screen (I still find it amusing), but when does she think you would need it? While you're sitting at your desk typing out your story? While you're interviewing someone?

See, if I was in your shoes, I would have probably given her the patented "What the fuck are you talking about?" look when she mentioned make-up. This is one of the reasons I do better being self-employed. This way when someone stupid comes along, I can take comfort in knowing that I only have to put up with them if they pay me to do it :).
"My mother said I've got the face to make it big in radio."