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As in, I'm surrounded by them.

NCP #1 = Lumber goober. On Friday, I place an order for some stuff that we needed today. Originally I ordered 2 things (i.e. 30 sheets of gypsum board and 30 sheets of 1/2" plywood wafer board). No big deal. Guess what? The genius who's handling out account managed to forget the gypsum board. Then, instead of apologizing for it, he said that I didn't order it... He's on my shit list for the time being.

NCP #2 = Our illustrious mayor who has instituted a dress code for city employees. Normally I could care less about what a company makes it's workers wear, but seeing as how the City of El Paso is a monopoly and I can't really go elsewhere to do some things, it seems rather pointless to aggravate the Evil City Minions. While I may dislike them intensely, I would rather deal with a happy Evil City Minion than with one who's been forced to wear heels or a tie for 6 hours.

NCP #3 = T.B.A (it's only noon)

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