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The movie weekend....

Despite having what felt like a busy weekend, I find that I saw quite a few movies the last few days.

Movies (& ratings) for the weekend of 05/24-05/28:

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (9)
Spy Kids (8)
The Matrix (8)
Men in Black (9)
Pale Rider (8.5)
Tombstone (8)
The World is Not Enough (7.5)
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (6)
Spider-Man (9)
Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill (10)


Dude, you liked the Attack of the Clones better than The Matrix??!?? That's just wrong.
Ay, it's sad but true. Both movies have their strong and weak points, but when it comes down to it, the plot of The Matrix reminds me too much of the original Star Wars (but without the light sabers and cooler philosophical ideas). While the special effects and the fight scenes were amazing, I find that I don't care to re-watch The Matrix all the way through as much anymore. Often it's enough just to rewatch the fight scenes. Ep II (possibly by virtue of being propped up by the stronger eps 4, 5, and 6 and by a generally stronger universe to be set in) is definitely going to be easily re-watchable many times.

Then agian, the Matrix kind of annoyed me after a while because it's creators (and some of it's more rabid fans) made too big a deal of being "groundbreaking" and "new" despite "borrowing" so heavily from other movies and stories. It's a good sci-fi movie, but it's not all that amazing as a sci-fi story goes. Think about it this way, would SW be half as cool if Luke turned into a bad ass Jedi Knight in Ep IV, without trudging through crap with Yoda in Ep 5 etc...? I was fairly disappointed with how Neo was definitely declared to be "The One" in the very first movie. Even in something like EP I and II, Anakin has to work for 10 years before he's a fairly bad ass Semi-Jedi and we see how it's a tough road to travel.

Of course with next year's release of M2, the rating of the original may change (especially since they have shown some fight scenes that use swords and other weapons and M2 might fix some of the plot/philosophical issues I have with it). Right now though, I'm almost dreading that the Matrix Trilogie (said a la Eddie Izzard ;) will end up feeling like it "borrows" it's plots from other big movies (the final straw of course would be if Neo learned to spin webs in the third movie ;). I'm not saying that Ep II is wonderfully groundbreaking, but at least it sets out to be part of the Star Wars world, so any similarities with other SW films is ok and let's face it, SW is one of the most heavily homaged sci-fi series out there and it's a good franchise to be a part of.

Bottom line, Ep II gets some slack (and some help) for being SW, The Matrix loses some points for being too full of itself.
eddie izzard is a GOD
hell yeah :)