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Fun things to do on a Tuesday night...

does not include going to my niece's high school graduation, but I went anyways.

Actually, I'm really cool with getting to see her graduate and even catch up with some old teachers (and even some high school friends who are now teachers) at my old high school, but sitting through 2 hours of bad speeches (some of the faculty ones were worse than the student ones) and watching a bunch of random folks graduate is not at all a fun thing to do on any night. Still though, that now leaves one less high school graduation to go to... I'm not sure how many are left... probably 4 or 5 at this point. Joy.

So anyways, once my niece actually graduated it was cool. They called her name towards the end (the joys of alphabetical sorting) and 10 minutes later we ended up on the football field (which is where graduation is held) searching for everyone. I ran into a few teachers and one friend who is now a teacher and got to just hang out with my family. It was fun albeit a bit crowded and noisy. Going to one of these every 3 or 4 years sounds good I think :). It'll probably be 12 years before we end up having to do 2 graduations in one year (for the current littlest ones, Andy and Victoria). Yikes, scary.

Also, my old academics (i.e. Academic Decathlon, High-Q, Young Scholar's Bowl, etc..) coach asked me if I wanted to help coach the computer programming team next year. Being the consummate nerd, I figured that I might as well since it is fun to do those programming contests (and yes, I realize that confirms me as a super-geek ;). I might also end up helping with the random academic stuff like High-Q and whatnot. It was kind of neat being introduced to some of the newer teaching/coaching folks and having them know who I was. Apparently my friends and I from those years are somewhat legendary in the nerd crowd... That's kinda cool... Man, I am such a geek. Of course, I also find it amusing that I'll probably be the most conspicuous coach around out there (without being actively creepy ;)

One slightly embarrassing moment came when an old high school friend came up and started talking to me and I could barely remember her name (and wasn't sure about it at first). She remembered my name, what I had said I wanted to do 9 years ago (which is in fact what I am doing now), what classes we had together. I think she had her boyfriend in tow and I must have come off as a colossal idiot (if she told him about MIT he must have thought I was a special student there. LOL ;)

So now I'm just trying to get motivated enough to go to the gym and do some cardio stuff for a while. One minor note from this weekend was when J commented on how I'd grown since our freshman year (both height and width :-/). I'm not too terribly touchy about my weight but when I said "I'm hoping to drop 40 pounds or so" and she said "Wow, I think you'd look really good if you did" I wasn't sure if I should be flattered or insulted. The fact that losing 40 lbs would result in me looking "really good" (in her opinion) is neat, but it also implies that I don't currently look "really good". Eh, screw it. I'm getting in shape for me, not her (although it would be a nice perk to have more people lusting after me ;).

I also came up with the Graduation Speech Drinking Game basically you take a shot for any cliché (or close derivative) used in the speech and two shots for any reference to a higher power or lame joke in the speech. If I counted right, tonight would have probably put me in a coma :).

So yeah, that was my night. Amusing but damn I hate hard concrete bleachers :)

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