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purple dragon

1 Down.... X to go.

Well we went cruising for a new Village Inn tonight after Buffy. We tried the one near the airport and that was not cool at all. It felt like a diner, only really bleh. The food was also sub-par. So we took off in search of another VI.

So we went to one somewhat between the old VI and the airport VI. It was actually kind of ok. We stopped at Walgreen's before hand though and picked up some Hot Wheels and a super cheap pack of playing cards (but it fits in the hard cigarette pack that Dave finished, so I might just carry it around in that for amusement value). The Hot Wheels were a bonus. For some odd reason this Walgreen's had a bunch of last years series. I randomly happened to find a Molly and Hazel (with vastly different paint schemes) along with a bunch of other random nifty cars (including a spiffy '63 T-bird). Kind of sad though. I walked in hoping to buy a deck of cards and I ended up spending about 1,300% than I'd expected on the cars. Still though, the collection is looking decidedly neater now.

After the mini-shopping-spree, we hung out at VI for a couple of hours playing cards and listening to the staff discuss Sesame Street characters. Nothing too exciting, but Dave almost beat me at Gin Rummy (with slop since I couldn't quite remember the exact rules). I'm going to have to look up the exact rules since I think the slop helped out too much :-p

There were a few random amusing quotes for the evening including:

"Damn it, enunciate when you mumble!" - Said in reference to a poorly executed mumble. Along the lines of saying "mmm-hmmm" (yes) instead of "uh-uh" (no).

"That's not a run, that's a freakin' marathon" - Referring the stockings worn by a heavily made up woman who looked decidedly.... ummmm profesional ;).

"I don't like this VI, it has those annoying moving curbs that jump out in front of you. - Dave had some troubles navigating his way out of the airport VI....

.... I'm sure there were others, but I'm bleh now. Time for bed.