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Now where was I....

So anyways, today was ok.

Work: We poured the foundation for duplex #1, I submitted the paperwork for the first draw on the first duplex. I am realizing that these little projects will entail a large amount of paperwork. Well ok, so I knew this going in, but since I have to actually figure out what paperwork will be useful for keeping track of things, it is a somewhat daunting task. As usual, the big hassle of being quasi-self-employed so young is that I haven't worked in a bigger (and theoretically established and clued in) company. Figuring stuff like this out is fun, but a bit nerve-racking. I also did a quick freelance job for a lawyer friend of Ruben's. Nothing big, just salvaged his documents from a flakey computer and reinstalled the original OS (using the rescue disk no less). Oh, also replaced a CD. All in all a fairly straightforward job and it should pay decently so that's cool.

Life: This weekend, J was shocked that I had never read McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern books. I mentioned that I had never been sure where the series started so I had just never gotten around to it. She suggested that I read the first trilogy after reading Dragonsdawn. So, I stopped by my friendly neighborhood B&N and picked up the four books she suggested. I'm about 2/3 of the way through Dragonsdawn. Depending on what goes on this weekend I'll either finish all four by Sunday, or by middle of next week (less time to read during the week). I'm psyched though. It had been a while since I started in on a new (and very good) series of books. On a related note, eventually I need to start reading the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time books. I happened to get most of those a few years ago when someone threw out several hundred books at the end of the year when I was living at MIT (and oddly enough 75% of those books ended up with me :).

J got me thinking about several philosophical type points while she was here. I need to write about those at some point.

My mom went from badgering me like mad this morning, to providing some very useful advice this afternoon. I told her about my plans to go to Boston for a week or so once this set of construction is done and she was totally cool with it. She even offered to help me out with tickets and/or spending money as a bonus for all the work I'm doing on this stuff right now. Now that's just cool. So, for those of you out East, I'm definitely going to be out in Boston sometime this fall (assuming I can actually make it onto the plane ;).

We also talked about my plans for aquiring the big spooky old house. With a little luck, I think I can pull it off. What I like about that is that it's the kind of place I would be psyched to own indefinitely (maybe rent part of it out to someone if/when I start living elsewhere-ish). Since I've more or less decided that I'll always want to at least have a presence in EP, I figure I might as well have a nice, rambling house to come home to. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of branching out to other cities and just traveling around for a few years. I think I must have been a nomad in a past life :).

I got a letter from friend+ R yesterday. Need to ramble about her at some point. Some amusing stories there :).

Not much else to report tonight. Time for bed, I have lots to do tomorrow.

current book: Anne McCaffrey - Dragonsdawn

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