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The Inner Geek...

Well, today was rather nice.

After all the emotional weirdness of yesterday, I decided that today, I would hang out at home, read some good sci-fi (i.e. DragonRiders of Pern books) and listen to some good (and loud) music . Eventually I did venture out in the hopes of watching Ep II again, but the showing I was hoping to catch was sold out and Molly developed a slight problem so I decided to head back home after a quick stop at the auto parts store. I got home and decided to take a nap and read some more and here we are.

I also started on some random computer stuff and office cleaning. Basically I finally started back on all the stuff that I hadn't really messed with in the last several months thanks to various family commitments and the occasional trip to LC. I'm still a bit bummed about how things turned out, but oddly enough I'm really looking forward to some things. Acquiring that house, flirting with new people, doing my job and making money (which facilitates visiting folks in other places and working on cars) sounds like a lot of fun right about now. Tomorrow I'll try and fix Molly's problem and make a few mods to her and Winona. Nothing too major, just little things that I've been thinking about doing for a while now.

So yeah, I think today I've been getting in touch with my Inner Geek and it's kinda nice. You know, nothing to major or significant, but generally nice and non-confusing. It probably helps that I'm not pissed off anymore... Just slightly grumpy and feeling rather anti-social. I think a weekend of that and I should be feeling good by the time the work week rolls around again... For the time being I've decided to not pursue any capital R relationships. I might go out with A a bit (she mentioned wanting to do stuff yesterday) and hanging out (and fooling around) with X when she's here sounds like a good idea, but I think I'm going to actively remain a free agent... at least until I find a compatible geeky girl... (which might take a really long time ;).

I can't help but wonder if I'm really dealing this well with this most recent C&B or if I'm deluding myself. Is this real or is it Memorex? ... or something... Eh, whatever... if my brain chemistry says I'm ok, then I'm going to go with it... after all, what's the worst that can happen.... wait, don't answer that ;).

Ok, back to watching good old fashioned Kung-Fu and reading about Pern and Dragons.

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