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T-4 days to go...

...until I get to be an uncle again...

Actually that's the upper limit for things. The little one might make an appearance before then, but it's quite possible that she'll take her time. It sounds like Angel is quite ready to stop sharing her body with the adorable little parasite :). Any day now and Ruben will actually be a father... Very strange.

So today I ended up not working on car stuff (thanks to my dad) and I instead did some junkyarding and I helped Ruben move a bunch of things from the garage in his old house to the garage in his new house... The old lady who's renting his old house is really depressing. She's hit that stage in life where she can't really live on her own anymore and her son found her a nice house near where he lives. She's been living there for a day and she's already gotten lost once (fortunately a helpful neighbor found her and brought her back). Yeesh. Personally, I find senility and dementia to be the most frightening aspects of growing old. I guess it's one thing for your body to go kaput, but when your mind goes.. well, what's left?

Eh. poor lady. She was talking to us and saying things like "You take care of your kids all your life and next thing you know they lock you up like a prisoner." She's really having issues with this new arrangement. Oh, and she also has 3 yippy dogs. 2 are kinda nice and you can tell they are a bit starved for attention, but the third one is insane... and stupid. It kept trying to nip my hand through the chain link fence and it kept biting the fence and then yelping in pain. It did this like 3 times. Heck, the first couple of times it did it, I wasn't entirely sure what had happened. The third time I just rolled my eyes and gave up trying to be friends with it.

So, yeah. That was most of my day. after that, I came home, watched some TV and Dave came over to watch the season finale of Six Feet Under. We talked about girls and life and stuff (as usual) reminisced about the good ol' days in high school and then he went home to attend to his lady-friend. After that, I watched some TV, baked some bread, and just hung out winding down after a tiring day.

Surprisingly enough, this turned out to be a really nice weekend (despite the unpleasant beginning).

I'm actually looking forward to work tomorrow (how scary is that?).


homemade bread?!? *drools*
and it was good too ;)
stop making me hungry, old man

respect yer elders you dang whipper-snapper ;)
alright, alright! *pouts and mutters to self in background*
Personally, I find senility and dementia to be the most frightening aspects of growing old.

I agree totally!
Sometimes I think it's a toss-up between being quadraplegic (sp?) or senility/dementia, but all things considered, I think that it would be worse to lose one's self.


Definitely time to enjoy being young and not worn out :)
i didn't know you were a fan of 6 feet under! what did you think of the finally?
I liked it except for the whole "cliffhanger" thing. Lately it seems like too many shows try to really grab your attention for the season finale and that gets rather old. Aside from that complaint though, the other developments were interesting.

I liked the arguement that Keith and David had. I think that's one of the few I've seen that really seemed to touch on basic relationship issues instead of extraneous things. Neither of them had "issues" they were both just trying to figure out how to deal with being a couple.... the post sex scene was also really amusing.

I'm curious to see how things go with Rico as a partner. I don't think he ever really appreciated how much work goes into running the business and considering how his wife seems to be really demanding, I'm really curious to see how he deals with things.

The Brenda and Nate thing... Eh. I think both of them are being idiots. I really liked Brenda's character at first, but lately she's gotten to be very stereotypically "disturbed" and that's getting boring. In the first season she really did seem like someone who was eccentric and very smart. Now she's just angsty and upset and unhappy. I don't know where they're going with her leaving, but hopefully they get things sorted out somehow.


wow... that is probably the best reply i've ever got...

i agree on brenda, she has just become to "typical" and victim of her parents. i don't know where i want nate being a father to go. i was VERY happy with keith and david, and how they seem to be on the right track now with their relationship and all the crap they've gone thru. rico should be an interesting partner... :)
Heh, I'm glad you liked the reply :)

I get worried with the baby's mom (whose name I can't remember right now). Lili Tomlin tends to play these characters that appear really sweet and nice on the surface but seem to be a little warped when you look closer. I can't help but distrust her character somewhat... I kind of expect her to really end up in major psycho mode at some point... Still though, the whole modern family thing that Nate's got going on though has a lot of promise I think.

I don't know that Keith and David are quite on the right track yet, but their fight was definitely something that needed to happen if they wanted to ever be on that right track. I actually found some of what Keith said to be very interesting. The fact that he misunderstood what David had been crying about earlier in the episode was something very cool to see. Too often we get bogged down with what we know (in real life and in TV shows) it was interesting to hear his comments and then later see the scene again (thanks to HBO's infinite re-showings ;) from Keith's perspective.

You know, I really despise Brenda's parents. They're the kind of people that I would either blow up at or just throw my hands in the air and walk away from. They're the least likeable characters that I've come across on TV in a while. They have nothing to be unhappy about and yet they seem to go out of their ways to have excesively complicated lives that then require excessively complicated angst etc... Still, I don't think that Brenda should have become such a "victim" of theirs (I liked how you phrased that). The writing with Brenda has just gotten really frustrating.
...to watch the season finale of Six Feet Under

due to lack of cable I still have yet to see this show. wah. hearrrrrrrse! *obsess*
figure out what year it is yet?
Nope, we've decided it's a mid-70s hearse, but beyond that they'd need to focus in on it a bit more on some episode.

One somewhat amusing hearse related scene, involved Claire touring a prestigious Art school and ending up parked next to another hearse (this one was painted brown-ish red) that was almost identical to hers.

I've been keeping an eye out for any good hearses for sale in the area, but so far no luck. One of these days....

tell ya what...

...if you buy a hearse I will fly out and visit you ;)

(ok, so I'll hopefully end up doing this eventually even if you don't buy a hearse. I would really like to.)

Re: tell ya what...

now that is an incentive :)

I hope you do make it out to visit. I'd be very psyched if you did.