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Damn E-jits.... (a rant)

So pfjunkie pointed out this article out in a recent post and I couldn't help but go on a rant....

<rant>Aside from just thanking the powers that be that neither I nor any of my friends are quite that geeky and/or pathetic, I can't help but find it amusing (in a "god, these people are stupid" kind of way) that:

Based on those and other clues, Liz Woolley suspects her son killed himself after being jilted online. But she places the blame for his death squarely on the game and its maker -- Sony Online Entertainment.

but later she goes on to say:

"He was an adult," his mother says. "What could I do to stop him?"

As an explanation for why she didn't do anything when he moved into his own apartment and bought a new computer.

You'd think that this brilliant woman could find some way to put 2+2 together and come up with something other than "Ima gonna sue so that ma bay-bee didn't die in vain." Give it up lady, your kid lived and died in vain.

Sheesh, what morons. They don't even deserve a "suffer". They deserve to get hit upside the head. This idiot played the game for a year and you know what? I bet you he killed himself because he realized he was a total loser.

I bet you he spent his teen years whining that the girls didn't like him and lamenting about how rough his life was and how unfair it was etc... I mean, the guy couldn't even stick it out studying graphic design in a fucking vocational school. I know that GD can be a challenging field, but we all know that it's also one of those fields where you can also skate by with almost no effort if that's all you want. This guy was in his 20s, and he had no skills, and no career plan other than playing video games and working at a pizza joint. He hung out with his 14 year old brother all the time (I'm sure he had great social skills). Hard to believe he couldn't land a girlfriend.

Mind you this guy wasn't a slacker. It's one thing to make a conscious decision that you don't care about material stuff and that you would just rather hang out with friends and live what you consider to be a good life. That's fine. Hell, if you think about that's what most folks want. If you can do it without selling your soul to a corporation and wasting 40 years at a job you hate then more power to you. I can respect it when someone either makes an active decision to live their life a certain way (even if the decision is to live as a bum in central park. so be it, to each his/her own). I can respect wanting more out of life and trying to find ways to accomplish that (even if you fail from time to time). Basically if you have what you want out of life or you are trying to get it then you have my respect. This guy wasn't doing any of that.

This guy wasn't a slacker, he was a loser. It sounds like he was unhappy because he wanted more out of life, but apparently he wasn't willing to put anything into it. I could sympathize with the guy feeling left out and unhappy about his appearance, his options etc.. etc... I've been there many times, and I bet you that at least half of my friends have also felt like that at one time or another. The difference being that this guy quit, and I don't mean when he killed himself either. I think that he really quit when he decided to hide out in a game. Real life was too ugly, unpleasant, lonely, etc... Let's live in the game instead....

So you have this loser and he found the game and thought "Hey, here I can be cool. People like and accept me here." and then in a year he probably managed to fuck things up (or maybe things just went wrong) and he couldn't take it. This guy didn't kill himself because of some evil game, he killed himself because he finally realized that either he had fucked up his life all by himself or that life was always going to have it's ups and downs and he just couldn't take it ("Poor baby, life's too hard because you can't do really good at a video game. Awwww")

I think about what some of my friends have gone through and I can't help but have utter contempt for this guy. His life wasn't that bad. Boring? Maybe. Unsatisfying? ok possibly. Hard? No. This guy had a computer. He had internet access. He had enough money to go out and buy fast food (any of you guys ever have to live off of Ramen Noodles?). He had folks who would let him live at their house. He had a kid brother he could hang out with. On the grand scale of shitty lives, this guy's doesn't even register.

So, when all that is said and done, good riddance. Now if only his mom would follow in his footsteps... I despise people who file frivolous lawsuits like that because they are usually the ones that end up fucking things up for the rest of us (a la the exploding Wendy's sandwhich that pfjunkie saw on Court TV).


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