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Mmmmmm Spam....

I found this in my inbox this morning:

From: "Online Psychic" <OnlinePsychic@doortodoordeals.com>
Subject: Your Questions

See, now that I might be willing to believe. If a psychic can figure out that I have questions, find the answers, and then contact me, I might be persuaded that they aren't complete con-artists...

...well they'd also have to know the secret 12-digit psychic PIN number... and the secret handshake...

Speaking of which, do you think Ms. Cleo's recent arrest for drug possession in Florida is going to adversely affect her psychic friends network? I mean, a psychic should know if she's going to get away with smuggling in that kilo of pot in her carry-on... Like before she actually gets to the airport right?

You'd think....

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