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The LIttle One...

Well, I got home a little while ago.

Ruben and Angel had their baby this afternoon.

I got to meet her this evening.

Her name is Isabella Angelique Morales.

She was born today at 4:20 PM. Weighed in at 8lbs 3oz and was 20" long. She has a cute mop of black hair and the Morales widow's peak.

I think I'm getting old. While I'm not in any rush to have one of my own, I finally had to admit that I saw the inherent cuteness in little ones (particularly this one). It's a very good survival mechanism.

After hanging out with my family and doing the "oooh and aaah" bit for a while, I did a food run for Ruben and took Victoria and Robert back to their house. I baby sat for a little while and eventually took off when Jackie and Tony (my niece and nephew) showed up to baby sit for the night. Ruben had asked me but they volunteered and since I do have work in the morning, this worked out much better for everyone.

This is odd. After not having stepped foot inside of a hospital for most of my life, I've found myself visiting people in them 3 times since I've returned from Boston. One set of visits was when my grandfather was in the hospital shortly before he passed away (like 1.5 years ago). One set was to visit my dad a couple of months ago and the final visit so far was to say hi to Isabella. I think the visits are progressing in a good direction. Now let's just hope that they don't start moving backwards....

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