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All the news that's fit to snicker at...

How desperate are folks here for something newsworthy to report? Check out what made it onto the front page of the El Paso Times this morning:

Train with chile slams into truck with onions

and it gets even better when the highlighted quote for the article is this gem:

'It would have made great salsa.' - N.M. police officer

How sad is it that someone's 15 minutes of fame would get used up saying something like that to a reporter? Forget about the trial of the century or even a career bust, this guy went to a T.A.


Sometimes the people in this area crack me up (the rest of the time I just wince).


Re: Ahhhhhh.... I get it.

yaeh...i'm a huge football fan and a major stats-junkie...and even though I'll sit online and read stats, I love reading them in the paper too hehe... and I also like Joe Muench's columns hehe