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Pushing limits...

So, I was sitting around bored and finally got around to watching the Green Mile.

It's a cool enough movie. Certainly neat and interesting in some ways and a good Saturday Ima gonna just chill here kinda movie, but I think I hit my limit with movies.

I don't think I can watch a whole movie all the way through if it's greater than 2.5 hours (about 10% of the day for the geeks among you). I got frustrated and started fast forwarding through the movie at about 2.5 hours and now it's actually about to end and I'm sitting here online. Hmmm... I'll watch it again later maybe.

I'm still contemplating whether or not I feel like treking out at all this evening.


If you aren't feeling good, then you should stay home and relax. Wouldn't do you any good to get sick, you know. ;(
Sorry for teasing you with car access earlier. I'll make it up to you at some point.
Bah, it's all good! I wasn't disappointed, or anything. Not since you weren't feeling good. Isn't your fault, yanno. ;P Just focus on getting better, okay? Don't you worry about me. I always find something to do.