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The Rev has left the building...

Well after a horribly late start and technical problems that plagued the first 2 acts, The Reverend Horton Heat delivered an awesome show. I still fee a little sick, I was tired and a bit sniffly, but I had a damn good time. He actually played 2 of my favorite songs (Bales of Cocaine and Big Red Rocket of Love) and the mix of his older and newer stuff was great. It was a very high energy show. This is why I keep going to see them despite an average delay of an hour and a half from the claimed door opening.

Now I'm going to take some cold medicine and pass out again for a while. More stories and amusing anecdotes to come later.


ok...what are the odds that next time he comes and we go, that we get there at 10 and he's already playing?? LOL! The Start was cool, but I don't think worth the 1:30 wait in line hhahahaha.... *sigh* But I have to agree, the Rev doesn't let down whatsoever...

but hey, as you said, we both got to indulge our vices (fuck you for the parking story you told you know who btw hahaha)....feel free to get it out in your journal...it's a level of self-deprication that I'd rather not sink to hahaha! your snidness will do it more justice than i ever could :oP
I love the Reverend! I got to meet them back when I was working as a roadie, they were really nice and a lot of fun to hang out with. I've seen them live several times since and they're always worth it.

Ack! I wish I could have gotten to hang with them. They really do seem like one of the coolest bands out there. They have fun on stage. They don't take stuff too seriously but yet are professional when it comes to putting on a good, high quality, high energy show. It's just generally impressive to see them do their thing.