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It's the plague....

Dang it, this ickiness just won't quit. Today I am almost back to abnormal, but I still feel a bit ungood (say 85/15 good to ungood). I think tomorrow will be a day to chill, straighten up the lair and try to kick that last little 15% of non-useful evil out of my system. I picked up some good bargain basement movies (mostly just conversions though) so I will probably alternate between the Twilight Zone marathon on Sci-Fi and movies tomorrow. I may or may not head out to watch fireworks in the evening. I dunno, despite being a hardcore pyro, watching fireworks always seemed about as interesting as watching auto racing.

I guess, personally, I would just much prefer playing with the explosives and doing the dangerous stuff than just watching the results. I grew up going with my folks and family to the local gun range on the 4th and loading up with guns, ammo, explosives, beer, sodas and food for some really fun 4th of July festivities (and no, no one lost and eye or any other body parts ;).

X called earlier. She got the mix CDs I made for her and was extremely gushy and happy and generally being very appreciative. She had just finished listening to them and was really blown away at how I had picked stuff by people she liked and new stuff she hadn't heard of and put it together in a cool and meaningful mix. Heh, sometimes it seems like the only way I can really express feelings of affection towards people is by way of a mix CD.... Come to think of it extreme annoyance also tends to come out that way (as evidenced by the angry driving music CDs that I burned shortly after the P fiasco ;).

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