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Ok, I refuse to leave my journal on such a blah note this morning. So, here is (that's right, you guessed it) another quiz. According to "The Animal in You":

You are either a Owl or a Wolf personality.

They say, I have to pick one or the other animal, but I think most of you who know me would agree that both of these critters describe me fairly well (I'll let those of you who don't know me wonder which attributes match ;).

Take the test HERE.


Correction: You are either *AN* Owl or a Wolf personality.

pshh...engineers :oPP
You'll note that I said "According to 'The Animal in You':" therefore that statement was a direct quote.

pshh.... creative writing majors :-p

btw...note who were Wolves? Christian Slater, Bill Clinton, Tom Cruise, Hillary Clinton, Larry King. (all of whome have gone through marriages that have failed....face it, bill and hillary are only keeping up appearences...). though..Larry King seems to fit best at this point :oPP

oh the other hand, famous Walrus: Drew Carey, Roseanne Barr, Wilford Brimley, Boris Yeltsin, Tom Arnold . So i will always be fat, possibley an alcoholic, but could also possibley have my own sitcom (or write for one), be a funny weather-person..or leader of a failing nation! WOOHOO!
though...we could both end up clinton and yelsin and be humiliated out of office....luck you though, at least ppl still love clinton haha
Ahem.... do we really need to discuss past relationships that didn't work out and who was at fault Mr. Walrus? Hmmmm?

Dude, you are a sitcom, you just aren't televised (just web-cammed from time to time)

Test results....

I am the walrus.... goo goo g'joob

i so rule :o)

Re: Test results....

So, you're a Walrus.... very interesting...