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Da fourth

Well after punting around the house all day, Ruben called and asked if I wanted to go see Minority Report with him and his family (what a strange concept). I was psyched and I got in Molly to head to the nearby theatre but Molly had other ideas. She got me about a mile away from home and then decided to not stay on anymore. Then it started to rain and hale (wtf? in El paso?). Fortunately Dave was around so I got through to him on my cell (which was having issues as well) and he helped me get her home

For now (and until someone figures out what's wrong with her) I'm sort of car less (not entirely of course, but it's going to be annoying).

Anyways, then headed out to see MIB II (good movie, DS 8.5, will make a good double feature with MIB when it's out on DVD). Amazingly enough the theatre was not packed and the crowd that was there was fairly good so on the whole the movie watching experience was good... except for still being sick. I'm only slightly complaining but I prefer getting sick and getting totally bubonic plague, hacking up a lung sick for a day or two and then being ok within 3-4 days tops. Being kinda sick for all of a week and just not quite being able to sleep due to physical comfort issues is really annoying.

I was telling Dave how I may have to try sleeping on my really ultra-nifty feather/down futon mattress on the floor again like I used to in college. Last night I again ended up sleeping on the floor, on scratchy carpet because I just couldn't make myself comfortable on the bed. I'm just weird, but a nice soft bed is just not acceptable for sleeping. I want a very hard, very firm mattress. Forget orthopedic. Give me a dense futon mattress on concrete and I'll be happy.... Blah. Going to need to figure out something with that. Oh well. going to bake now.

Oh, and very few things in the world make me miss Boston quite as much as the 4th of July. I have many fond memories of the esplanade in the summer...


Ok, parden my stupidity (i love your journal and have been meaning to ask)

as a big ol' car buff, what is molly? (feel free to gloat alot)

Awwww *blushes* thanks :). I really enjoy reading your journal too. I haven't been too commenty lately due to being busy and/or sick, but that should be changing as I get the hang of all this random stuff going on.

Anyways, Molly is a 1990 full-size Ford Bronco XLT. I've had her for about 5 years now. She's undergone a decent number of mods over the years and I'm pretty happy with where she's at right now.

In case you're curious, you can see a good selection of pictures of her in this post and I generally ramble about car stuff in my dragonzworkshop journal.

I think I have to marry you...

OH MY GOD! Molly is a TWIN of my 1989 Bronco XLT. Those rims kick ASS... Mine weren't great, when I got her, she had 15 inch wide mud tires, which I knocked down to 11 inch BF Goodrich's on the standard Ford rims after I discovered how much more of a turning radious I could get. Clever use of the pocket in the back for the amp... actually, that is where I put MY fire extinguser (my spare tire was mounted inside, not out, making that pocket pretty damn useless. I must say, my interior was much nicer! I bought one of those rubber mats for the back. On the outside, I was bored enough to add the cab-over visor with the lights... and it came from the dealer with a bush guard. I don't think I have anything of her scanned, but I do have tons of pictures. I'll have to bring a couple to work soon.

The only complaint I had was the ignition modules. I went thru 5 of them! at like $70 a piece... The engine would cut out, wait 10 minutes, keep going... die, wait 10 minutes. *shakes head* And the gas mileage. Had the great 351, but no overdrive! WHOEVER ordered her obviously wasn't driving far... :)

THANK YOU FOR SHARING! I'm all aflutter now!

Re: I think I have to marry you...

Heh Cool.

Well, Molly has always been a working girl so she's quite a bit rougher around the edges than some Broncos I've seen. We bought her from a contractor who used to drive from EP to Albuquerque regularly. She had lots of miles on her but she also had the heaviest duty shocks, springs, drivetrain and towing package available for her year. It's a very nice setup for work and driving, but it does tend to be a bit pricey when things crap out.

I know what you mean about tires. I've constantly been tempted to lift her and put in some bigger tires, but I really like her tiny turning radius (besides I have other trucks that are lifted ;). I lucked out with the wheels. Those are the ones that came on the first Bronco that my dad bought 20 years ago. They aren't anything special, but they don't have the problem that the newer ford rims have with easily stolen centers. The centers for those wheels go in from the back so they can't be taken off without first removing the wheel. Although I genuinely like these better than the stock wheels.

The rear pocket where I put the amp was actually a strange setup. Most other Broncos I've seen actually have the little storage area setup the same on both sides (i.e. where I have the spray cans on the left side) but this one just came as a depression on the right side. It had always been a bit of a waste of space. When it came time to mount the amp that seemed like an ideal place. I put the fire extinguisher where it is because I wanted it fairly close by in case I needed to get to it quickly. Putting it in the back seemed unwise considering how packed it can get from time to time.

Her Interior is not as bad as it might look. It does have lots and lots of scrapes and whatnot, but when it's been cleaned, vacuumed, and armor-all-ed it can look just about good as new. It's not quite as nice as the leather interiors I've seen, but I actually prefer the cloth seats and stuff.

I debated getting a brush guard and the visor, but they just don't quite appeal all that much. Out in these parts the mesquite does more of a number on the sides than on the front and I'm tall enough that I don't really need the visor (and it would probably just limit some of my view out the front). I've debated getting a light bar and lights like my dad has on his Bronco, but I've found that Molly is just barely short enough to squeeze into most parking garages and similar enclosed areas and a light bar would add a few too many inches with little actual benefit. I like the fact that she's tough enough to be out in the dirt being functional and earning money and with a quick wash and wax she can also go out on the town and look (IMO) better than 90% of trucks/SUVs out there.

There's just something inherently cool about Broncos that none of the new generation Ford Ex___s can match. They're small enough to be nimble and fairly quick (esp with the 351) but they're big and tough enough to be legitimate work vehicles.

Re: I think I have to marry you...

I test drove an explorer... it did nothing for me, where as i just felt like a bad ass in the bronco... I dunno. I have actually looked at a couple really used ones, but currently I've got to buy a car for my boyfriend (don't ask) he is now driving my crown victoria, and I miss "Cruiser" too much.

Re: I think I have to marry you...

Crown Vics are pretty nice cars although personally I've never been much into the big cruiser/boat type cars (we'll ignore Drusilla and Hazel in that statement).

I grew up either driving either big ol' 4x4 trucks or random sports cars so that probably had something to do with it.

I must admit though I had noticed your comments about the CV and I'd wondered what the backstory was to that. I never lend out my cars although I suspect a big part of that is that no one else really wants to drive them :). They are cool but they can be quite tempermental. Most folks go for comfortable and reliable, whereas my cars are often fun and interesting/unique ;).