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Trouble in paradise....

Blah. My mom is in a bad mood today.

Suddenly it's my fault that there are 100 things that need to be done. Yes, I have to do them, but there is a finite amount of time in the day and no one else does a lot of the things that I do. It's really just a typical "I think it's urgent now so you must drop what you're doing treat this like it's urgent" which is coming on the heels of yesterday's urgent crap which didn't get finished because well there are only 24 hours in a day (and I'll be damned if I work for more than 12 of them).

Of course this is tiresome enough in general but throw in my mom's pissy attitude and general uncooperative-ness today and I'm really not a happy camper.


Welcome to my world... I hear you. :)
was the trip to B&B part of the 100 urgent things to do? ;oPP j/k

...I can see how it could be...i know they have a new cover for their copy of "Moby Dick" that I REALLY wanna pick up along w/ their further discounted "Complete Works of Shakespeare"...sure I already have 2 copies of each, but really, is that ever enough? hehe...
Hey! I found your 2 journals via a friend's friends list, and have been lurking around for the past couple of weeks. I've enjoyed your entries, so I've added you as a friend.

Anyone who appreciates autos is OK in my book...